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When I first purchased a home, I thought buying appliances was all about choosing great looking gadgets. However, the longer I lived in my place, the more I realized the importance of high-quality devices that would stand the test of time. I grew tired of replacing the same old dishwashers and refrigerators, and so I decided to start looking into what makes a good appliance. After doing some research, I was able to find amazing deals on nice appliances, and I felt confident about having them in my home. This blog is all about making better appliance decisions, so that you love your house.

The Main Parts On Your Refrigerator & How To Care For Them

10 April 2019
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Refrigerators are a common part of any modern kitchen. It is easy to just put your food in the fridge and forget that your fridge is a complicated machine. Understanding the different parts of your refrigerator can help you take better care of it. Compressor The compressor on your refrigerator is responsible for moving the refrigerant throughout your fridge in order to keep everything cool. The compressor acts as a pump and a motor all at the same time. Read More …