Simple Refrigerator Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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Simple Refrigerator Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

9 November 2015
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Your refrigerator is a big investment that gives you modern convenience in the kitchen. Just like any other appliance, it requires regular maintenance to run properly and last a long time. Get in the habit of doing small fixes on your fridge frequently to prevent big problems in the future. Or better yet, call a fridge repairman to perform this yearly maintenance for you. They'll be able to keep your fridge in tip top shape without much effort on your part. Here is a list of common maintenance tasks you can do.

Clean Coils 

The coils in your fridge use coolant to create a cold environment for your food. Coils can quickly become dirty or dusty, rendering them less efficient. Cleaner coils mean less energy output and colder food. The coils are likely at the bottom of the fridge in front, behind a long, thin grill. Remove the grill and you'll probably see lots of dust bunnies covering the coils. Use the attachment on your vacuum to suck up dust and fuzz.

Sanitize Water Dispenser Tray 

If you have a newer fridge with a water and ice dispenser, you're probably no stranger to the gunk and deposits that can end up in your dispenser tray. No matter how many times you wipe it down or run it through the dish washer, the tray stays dirty. Remove the tray and soak it in vinegar for a few minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub the crevices, then rinse. The hard water stains should come right off.

Replace Door Gasket 

The components in your fridge may work fine, but the door gasket that keeps the door sealed (and the cold in) seem to be wearing down. Luckily you can replace the gasket fairly quick and see your fridge run more efficiently. Remove the old gasket and replace it with a new one from your local hardware store. Use a screwdriver to position the gasket behind the metal retainer. Close the door to check for proper fit before replacing and tightening retainer screws. Rub the hinge side of the gasket with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to reduce drag. 

These small maintenance projects can lengthen the life of your fridge and save you money in the long run. Check with an appliance repairman to see if your fridge needs any big maintenance performed to increase its efficiency. They can tell you common issues with fridges of the same make and model.

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